About us

The garden does not afford, in its kind, a prettier plant  than this; nor do we know that has been so early, or so honorably mentionde by all Kind of Writers

Abbout narcissus flower, Thomas Hale, 18th century British writer

about us
Our story

Our story

In a variety of civilizations, and throughout history, the
Narcissus flower was praised in literature and works of
art, where it received its fair share of importance, and it was
associated with good luck, spring, and prosperity.
During the peak of the Romanticism period, this
flower was
mentioned as one of those things that can bring “joy forever”.
Additionally, the Narcissus enjoys a range of brilliant colors
and a unique fragrance, and its essence and oils are used in
many pleasing perfumes.
And in turn,
we couldn’t find a more suiting representative
for our passion towards perfume production than this ma-
jestic flower, to enable our clients to express themselves
and to leave an exceptional and lasting impression, wherev-
er they are.
And from this point of view, we adopted this wonderful
flower to reflect our aspirations for our brand.

Our Vision

whoever examines the perfume market nowadays
will immediately face
the old-fashioned and pre-
vailing idea that an exotic perfume cannot coincide with an
acceptable price point.
This is an obsolete view that we’re going to change, espe-
cially since it requires a significant sprint towards a narrow
sector within the market, while passing by a wide group of
loyal and potential clients.
And so we decided that the best approach to bridge this
gap it to invent a unique perfume that fits the pocket in
both price and size! Thus, in May 2019, our brand was born.

Our Vision

Our Mission

he Narcissus flower represents our passion
of providing the best, as we believe in our expertise and ability
to offer unique perfumes at the most affordable
Our goal when we established Nurxos was to provide an
attractive collection of easily carried perfumes, and to make
everyone as excited as we are towards perfumes.
This is still our biggest goal today.
This remarkable flower reflects our endeavors to cater to
our clients’ needs, as we and our clients are the same; we
only accept the best.
We can achieve that thanks to our commitment to the highest standards, and our flexibility in handling market demands and our clients’ needs.

Our Approach

Nurxos embodies the concept of growth and continu-
ous refinement through its organizational structure.
Moreover, through our effort to expand into a variety of
markets with perfumes that suit all needs, and so we chose
the Narcissus flower as the symbol of our brand.
From our starting point in Turkey, our aim is to expand into
the European and Middle Eastern markets.

Company Culture

Our expertise in the local and global market and our
experience in the area of perfume production, in
addition to working with the most prestigious international
brands propels us to provide our clients added value in the
form of experienced and passionate staff.
We take the utmost care when it comes to the team mem-
bers, which constitutes a vital part of our structure.
That is why we provide the chance for growth and continu-
ous improvement through specialized training, and ensure
that the team is most professional and presentable.